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Website Not Converting? Try These Tips

The most important function of a website is to convert visitors into customers. However, if your website is not delivering what it is supposed to do, consult a Byron bay web designer to understand what’s wrong.

Often, there are no technical glitches but it’s the design itself that puts people off. Here are some tips that can help improve your website’s conversion rates.

Remove Clutter

Nothing makes your website as unsightly as a cluttered landing page. Too much of information or too many images can create confusion and shift the focus from things that really matter.

Consult a Byron Bay web designer to understand how to keep your landing page simple yet informative enough for viewers to stay engaged.

Insert a Clearly Visible “Call to Action”

The “Call to Action” plays a critical role in increasing conversions. As your Byron Bay web designer, we suggest having a clear and specific Call to Action that is instantly visible. Choose a font and colour that stand out against the background colour of the page for clear visibility.

Here are some examples of a good call to action that urges visitors to take the right decision.

  • Contact Us
  • Act Now
  • Sign Up to Know More

Don’t Ask for Too Much Information

Be sure to keep your “Sign Up” for as simple as possible.

The Sign Up page provides valuable leads that can be converted to paying customers. However, asking too many questions can discourage visitors.

Keep your Sign Up page simple and specific. Just the name and email ID should be enough to keep your conversion rate high.

Focus on Good Content

Bland, poorly written content is sure to negatively affect your conversion rate. Ensure that the copy on your website is not monotonous and too short. The copy should provide the information the visitors are looking for.

As a leading Byron Bay web designer, we can create great content for your website that is both engaging and captivating. Without compelling content that arouses curiosity among customers and urges them to take a decision, having a website is almost meaningless.

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