Five Important Pages Your Business Website Should Include

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Your website is a vital part of your digital presence. So if you are thinking of having a website, be sure to choose the right Byron Bay web design agency. At Nova, we craft stunning websites that deliver the results you seek.

Your website is incomplete without some important pages. Here’s a look at the five most important pages without which your website is meaningless.

The “About Us” Page

Before customers commit themselves, they would like to know something about your company. The About Us page provides an insight into your company’s history, its growth, culture, vision and the management.

The copy should be precise and inspiring. As your Byron Bay web design agency, we can help craft high quality copy for your website.

The “Services” Page

One of the best ways to convert visitors into customers is to provide a detailed “Services” page. If you offer multiple services, don’t provide all the information on a single page. Break it down into categories and subcategories to keep visitors engaged and interested.

The more details you provide on your Services page, the higher the engagement rate.

The “Why Choose Us” Page

Our Byron Bay web design professionals can create the perfect “Why Choose Us” page. This page is all about your unique selling points and what additional values you offer that make you unique.

Creating the right copy for this page is crucial as the information you provide will decide the decision the visitors take.

The “Testimonials/ References / Case Studies” Page

This is another must-have page on your website. Testimonials, case studies and references go a long way in establishing credibility and trust.

Our Byron Bay web design team can create the perfect page by incorporating professional quality photographs along with details that make each reference or testimonial more trustworthy.

The “Contact Us” Page

This is the crucial page that really generates all the leads and helps your business grow! Your website is really useless if customers can’t contact you. A Byron Bay web design expert can create the perfect Contact Us page that is clear, easily accessible and user-friendly.

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