A Guide to Website Maintenance

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In today’s tech-oriented world, a website is an invaluable business tool. However, having a website is not enough. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep it in top condition. Consult a good web designer Byron Bay to help keep your website in perfect shape.

Annual Maintenance

It is imperative that you check the performance level of your website once every year.

Technology is changing rapidly and so is the way people use the web. An annual check-up ensures that your website is up to the latest standards in technology and offers optimum viewing pleasure across all viewing devices.

A web designer Byron Bay can provide sound advice on the latest technologies and incorporate changes that are missing from your existing website.

Quarterly Maintenance

If you are operating an eCommerce website, the cart is of vital importance. Make a few test purchases once every quarter to ensure that the cart is working properly. If you find any glitches, ask your web designer Byron Bay to fix them.

As part of your quarterly website maintenance routine, check all the contact forms. You should be able to put in all the details without any problem.

Be sure to find and fix any broken links. It is so frustrating for visitors to click a site and then not being able to access it. Broken links are a common occurrence, which can’t be completely avoided. However, a quarterly maintenance ensures all your links are working perfectly.

Monthly Maintenance

Security breaches are so common these days that it is prudent to get your website checked once every month. A web designer Byron Bay can check your website thoroughly for security breaches at any level and rectify it immediately.

Regular Maintenance

The foremost thing to do regularly is to keep a back up of your website on a daily basis. This is crucial for protecting your data in case hackers manage to get through and wipe out all your pages.

If you have the latest back-up, your web designer Byron Bay can get your site up in no time.

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