Tips for Building an Affordable Website

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Building your own exclusive website isn’t cheap. Professional designers are costly enough and add to that the cost of sourcing different elements such as high resolution images, videos and slideshows. For start-ups, building a website can eat up a significant portion of their budget even before they have seen some profit.

In such cases, it is best to ask your Byron Bay web designer to build a website with basic essentials while keeping the aesthetic appeal in mind.

Use Pre-set Theme

If exclusivity is not your priority for the time being, you can you have your website real cheap by using preset themes that are widely available on the net. Most of these are free to download and extremely user-friendly. Some sites that offer outstanding themes do charge a membership but that is quite reasonable.

If you have some knowledge of website designing, you can use these themes to build the website yourself. Or else, any good Byron Bay web designer can do it for you. You will have to pay only for his professional charges and nothing extra for developing themes and layouts into your website.

Use Fewer Images

Images are excellent for a website but poor images are definitely not. High resolution images look great but are expensive. Without compromising on quality, your Byron Bay web designer can cut costs by incorporating fewer images or leaving out images where not required.

Register Your Domain Name at Affordable Sites

The domain name makes a huge difference to your business fortunes as it reflects the type of services you provide or products your sell.

Select a catchy and easy to remember domain name with the help of your Byron Bay web designer and get it registered at an affordable registration site. Buying a domain name from somebody else is expensive. So pick a domain name that is available for registration (i.e. has not already been taken up by another company or person).

There are plenty of registration sites that are quite inexpensive. Often, they offer deals and coupons that can further lower your costs.

Search for Web Hosting Service within your Budget

Once your Byron Bay web designer is done with your website, you will need to host it online. Hosting a website is like renting cyber space from a company that provides such services.

Here too you can cut down on costs by getting your site hosted by a company that charges reasonable rates. Such companies also offer discounts and deals at times so this is something you should check out.

Better still, for the time being, host your website from your home office through a small server till your business really takes off and you can spend more on web-hosting.

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