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Web Design Mistakes that Affect User Experience

While designing a website, a few simple mistakes can make all the effort seem worthless and stupid. When the designing does not make sense to your visitors, it not only hampers your credibility but makes your business look unprofessional.

It is thus prudent to consult a Byron Bay web design company that can help you design a website that is attractive, functional and leaves a positive impression on your viewers. This is because Byron Bay web design agencies have expert designers who know the mistakes to avoid while designing your website.

Recurring Clicks

Any viewer who has gone through a website that requires multiple clicks knows how irritating and tedious the process is. Multiple clicks mean you have to go through multiple pages and links before getting the information you are looking for. The process is highly complicated, confusing and time-consuming in today’s busy world.

Good designers at top-rated Byron Bay web design agencies will design your website is a way that makes it easier for viewers to find a page with just a few clicks.

Ignoring the Basics

In their enthusiasm to give you more value for money, many web designers cram in as much information and design as possible. This is where they go wrong with the basics.

The fundamentals of a good website is a clean and uncluttered look, pleasing background colours, lucid text in clear fonts, high-resolution images, quick links and easy navigability.

A cluttered website with jarring colours, too many images in poor quality or confusing text is hardly a pleasing experience for your users.

Using the Wrong Filters

Filters enhance the user experience by making it easier for viewers to find the right content quickly and easily. Filters are therefore crucial when you want to provide fast results that keep customers happy.

Designers at your Byron Bay web design agency understand the importance of filters and use them the right way. They will tag the content correctly and in the most appropriate manner so that the user finds the exact result she is looking for and not something else.

Outdated Information

Things are changing so fast in every sector that it is essential to provide your customers the latest information pertaining to your industry.

For example, if you are in the apparel business, share the latest designs and cuts with you Byron Bay web design expert so that he can incorporate suitable texts and images on your site. The same applies to each and every sector whenever there is something new to offer.

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