Understand these Web Design Basics before Hiring a Web Designer

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Designing a business website is a continuous process with newer technologies being introduced almost every day. When you want to deliver the best experience for your users, it is crucial to understand the basics of web design technology.

Whether you want to generate leads or sell online, an outdated website hardly serves its purpose.

Before you hire a web designer Byron Bay to upgrade or build your website; know the basics of the process. This will help you to stay involved and help the designer give shape to your vision.

Building a website from scratch involves different steps and technologies.

The Wireframe

The wireframe is the blank canvas on which your website will be developed. It allows your web designer Byron Bay to incorporate blank boxes that indicate where each component of the website will be placed.

The wireframe is thus the basic framework around which the layout of your website is designed.

The Design

Next comes the designing part. This involves all the text and images you want to incorporate, the colour and font, heading styles and sizes, background colour, link colours and so on.

Do keep in mind that your web designer Byron Bay will not apply the same layout to all the pages since you offer different information on different pages. This makes your website more attractive and engaging.

User Experience

User Experience or UX is vital to the success of your website. In today’s hectic world; people hardly spend more than a few seconds on each site. Prospective customers will stay back and go through your website only if it is user-friendly and offers them a unique experience that other sites don’t.

To offer the best user experience, your web designer Byron Bay will make the site easy to navigate by creating a design that is simple to understand, aesthetically appealing and not too cluttered.

When you want to retain clients and keep visitors engaged, it is crucial that your website delivers first-class user experience so that they recommend it to others.

The Platform

The platform is the basic software that is used to develop your website. A particular platform is used uniformly so that you can update your site whenever you want instead of hiring help each time.

There are several open platforms that are free to download which you can use to build your website.

However, for a really professional look and feel; appointing an experienced web designer Byron Bay is recommended.

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