Tips for Creating a Site with Easy Navigation

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Navigation is the prime feature of your website that influences its ease of usability, functionality and viewer engagement. A site that is easy to navigate keeps users engaged and increases your chances of staying connected with your viewers.

A good web design should always have easy navigation as one of its top priorities.

Keep Navigation Simple

Make it easier for your viewers to navigate by using clear menu links. Use the right keywords that indicate the specific product or service your viewer is looking for.

Avoid technical jargons as part of keywords as those outside your industry may not understand them. They will skip your website if they don’t understand the keyword even if you are offering the product or service they are looking for.

Be Attentive to your Main Menu

The main menu is the primary tool for navigating throughout the website. Viewers are used to seeing the main menu either on the top left or the middle of the web page. Maintain this standard alignment so that new viewers don’t have to search for it.

Another good way to highlight the main menu is to use a contrasting colour against the background colour and other text colours so that it stands out and is instantly recognizable.

Use the Same Navigation Format for all Pages

Maintain a consistent format for navigation throughout all the pages of your website. During web design, do not use different alignment in different pages for navigation.

Users will find it easier and faster to go through the pages without having to understand the menu alignment on each page.

Avoid Using Complex Menu Formats

It is so frustrating for a user to go through so many menus, sub-menus and dropdown pages before she finally arrives at the topic she is searching for. Most users will move away from such sites after a few clicks if they find it too complicated.

Use drop-down menus only when you are providing multiple services or have multiple operations. Users will find it easier to understand more about your individual services or operations if these are presented on separate pages.

Make Navigation compatible to Different Viewing Devices

Internet browsing is no longer limited to desktops. Most people these days are surfing the net on their mobile phones and tablets. Keep such users in mind and go for a responsive web design that will adjust itself to different device sizes.

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